Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sweet Moments

New haircut, wearing mommy's shoes

Christmas Sunday the children sang at church. Our ward (congregation) is VERY LARGE. So our Primary (children's group ages 3-12) is also VERY LARGE. The Primary leaders had a nice idea for how to position the children so that the little ones wouldn't be hidden from view, but it didn't work out as well in reality.

Adaline with Grandpa at the boys' Christmas concert

As we sat in the back and watched, Chuck & I tried to spot our kids. We found Hayden & Stewart standing in the back row and could see their faces clearly. But it was hard to find Adaline. Finally I saw her- behind a few other kids and we could just barely see her face occasionally if one of the other children leaned the right way for a second or 2. Well, Chuck couldn't spot her, so since we were in the back, he stood up. She obviously saw him, even when we couldn't see her, and suddenly we saw a hand shoot up in the air, arm fully extended with the hand flapping at the top. I pulled him back down into his seat. But a few seconds later he stood again to try to see her and up went the flapping hand again. It was adorable! Well, he finally stopped standing himself, but would wave to her every few seconds, and even though we couldn't see her, she apparently could see us because each time, up would shoot the flapping hand. It was THE. CUTEST. THING. EVER.! I just want to relive those moments over and over. Please, won't someone just make time stand still? I love this golden age of childhood!

All decked out for dance class. We were late that day because she insisted on accessorizing herself, even though it was 70 degrees out!

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Child's Prayer

I should have written this sooner because it happened last week and is a little fuzzy in my mind now, except the 2 main details.

One night (well early morning really) last week Adaline came into our room to sleep on our floor since she was scared. This has been a regular occurrence as of late-- one of those childhood stages. Well, that morning Chuck was up with her trying to soothe her fears and encouraged her to say a prayer to ask for comfort. I was in and out of sleep, so I didn't hear all the conversation that transpired, but I did hear her say, "He doesn't hear me right now. He's listening to someone else's prayer!" Was this my 4-year-old talking? I remember wondering those kind of things around age 10, but at 4?? It surprised me. But my heart felt relief a few moments later after the prayer was said when I heard her say with complete assurance, "I changed my mind, Daddy. He was listening to my prayer." And went sweetly back to sleep.
Not sure what my sweetheart said to reassure her, but whatever he did, he helped restore the wavering faith of a 4-year-old. Good job, honey!

PS- Lest you be misled, I am actually the one up with my kids in the middle of the night 98% of the time, but I'm so grateful for a husband who will fill in occasionally when I've already been interrupted many times in one night or when he happens to be sleeping lightly once in a while!

PPS- Happy Birthday, Hayden! 9 years old today!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Merry Christmas Uncle Dave!!

Dear Uncle Dave,

Since you are currently in Afghanistan serving in the Special Forces, we wanted you to know that we are remembering you this Christmas. And since we can't mail anything to you because you're in a top-secret location, we wanted to make this video as a Christmas card for you. We want you to know that we pray for your safety every day, and the children also remember you in their individual prayers every day. The video is a little long and probably a bit boring, but hopefully you can feel our love from it!

Part one here.
Part two here.

Chuck, Linda, Hayden, Stewart & Adaline

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Little Princess

It was so exciting and unexpected to have a little girl after 2 boys. Adaline is, I believe, a sweet and mild-natured girl, as evidenced by her early personality. But it is so interesting the impact 2 older brothers have on her. They bring out a wild side that she simply does not manifest in their absence. Today there were 2 little episodes that had me laughing that illustrated my point perfectly (well, they don't involve anyone acting wild in this case, though that does happen in our home most every day.)

This morning the kids had friends over (we are in year-round school and are currently tracked out.) When the other moms came to pick up their children, I looked down and there I saw my daughter dressed in her Cinderella dress-up holding a toy pistol. That's my girl!

Then, while I was heating up dinner, the kids were playing in the kitchen. Adaline had her doll stroller loaded up with miscellaneous toys as she typically likes to do. She was sitting on the floor pretending to feed one of her dolls a bottle. In comes Stewart and I hear her saying, "Don't kill my baby!" He ignored her pleas and shot the doll anyway. She lamented that he killed her baby and went back to feeding it. Back he comes and shoots it again. This time I am turned their direction, so I see her begin to protest again. Then I see her pause and she turns and reached into the stroller behind her and pulls out the pistol from this morning and goes back to feeding her baby. Bottle in one hand, with the pistol in the other hand, and her arm cradling the baby. She's ready to defend herself!

Now THAT is a little princess with older brothers!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cleaning Off My Desk

In May 2009 we had a reunion with my family in Kitty Hawk, NC. For FHE my sister Karen interviewed my parents so that the grandchildren could get to know their grandparents a little better. It was fun to hear some things about our parents that I hadn't heard before, so I asked if I could keep the answers. I finally realized this is the perfect place for me to put them so anyone in the family can get them easily. She only wrote down the aswers, so I'm using my best guess to fill in what the questions were:

1. Did you have a pet when you were a child?

Mom- Yes, 2 dogs. Heidi was a Collie and Midnight was a black lab. Also 1 bird called Cutie Pie

Dad- Yes, a dog named Ralph (Linda's edit- I think this was a Beagle?)

2. What was your best/favorite subject in school?

Both- Math

3. What did you enjoy doing as a child?

Dad- model trains, plastic models


4. Who was your best friend?

Mom- twins, Barbie & Debbie

Dad- Carl

5. What was your favorite food?

Dad- Ice cream

Mom-rolls. One night at dinner she ate 10 rolls!

6. Did you get an allowance?

Mom- Yes, 25c/week and $1 for each A on a report card

Dad- 25c/week

7. Who was your favorite historical figure?

Dad- Davy Crockett

Mom-Helen Keller

8. Do you remember a favorite Christmas present?

Mom- a Jan doll with clothes

Dad- a pistol with plastic bullets

9. What do kids have now that you didn't have then?

Both- Computers!

Monday, November 8, 2010

For Alice

This post is for Alice. My pictures are on a different computer than my email, so hopefully you can just download what you need from here. Can't wait to see the finished product....

Friday, August 13, 2010

Prayers & Memories

Yesterday evening Chuck read on the internet about the Perseides Meteor Shower which is occurring for several more days. You can read about it here. Last night from midnight until dawn this morning was supposed to be the part of the peak. So we got the children up at 5am this morning and laid on the lawn in our backyard with them for about 20 minutes watching the sky. (until Chuck had to leave to attend an early morning temple session and I wanted the kids to go back to sleep for another hour so they wouldn't be bears today.) I was particularly motivated to get them up since Hayden from time to time comments how he wishes he could see a shooting star, but had never seen one. Perfect opportunity. I used to have trouble falling asleep as a child and I remember spending hours staring out my window at the stars. I saw many shooting stars over the years. Thinking back, I'm sure I watched a couple of meteor showers but didn't know it at the time.
So this morning as we lay there we saw several in the first couple of minutes. But they were all over the sky, so it was easy to miss them in your were looking in the wrong direction. Hayden was getting disappointed because we'd all seen one or two except him. I said a silent prayer asking that he could see one too. Moments later there was a very bright one that flashed across the sky and we all saw it, including Hayden. I was so grateful that my small prayer had been answered and I told Hayden I had prayed for him to see one.
It may seem silly, but I can't even tell you how many of those small prayers I have answered. Even ones that aren't about really important things, but our kind Heavenly Father answers them because He loves us and they matter to us. Just like any loving parent, who doesn't give their child everything they ask for because it wouldn't be good for them, but does grant many of those small wishes that let the child know that they are loved. That is exactly what I believe He does for us.
Like my silly little prayer when I was trying to find a hamper in a store a few weeks ago. I had a furniture piece made for a hallway hamper, but ended up not being able to fit something in it as I'd planned. Multiple online and store searches had left me empty handed and even plans and efforts to make or modify something were not turning out successful. So while I was in Home Goods the other week I planned to swing by the hampers and said a quick little prayer that I could find something that worked. Even as I said it I thought I must be very silly for praying about such a thing. But I just didn't have any more time to spend on it and the piece of furniture was useless so far. I searched the 2 aisles and just as I turned the last corner, there on then end cap was a beautiful fabric & wire hamper that appeared to be just the right size. What's more - there were exactly 3, the exact number I needed! I couldn't believe it. I bought all 3 and tried not to get too excited until I could get home and confirm that they fit. Sure enough, they did fit with just 1/8 inch clearance on all sides. It was a small miracle to me, but a miracle nonetheless. Of all the silly things to pray about, yet it was answered.
And this mornings answered prayer meant so much more to me, because it was for my son's happiness. It was so exciting to watch the stars in the sky and see the occasional streaks of light. What a blessing it was that we could ALL see them and share that experience. It was a moment that I will remember and one that I hope will be a fond memory for my children as well.