Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sweet Moments

New haircut, wearing mommy's shoes

Christmas Sunday the children sang at church. Our ward (congregation) is VERY LARGE. So our Primary (children's group ages 3-12) is also VERY LARGE. The Primary leaders had a nice idea for how to position the children so that the little ones wouldn't be hidden from view, but it didn't work out as well in reality.

Adaline with Grandpa at the boys' Christmas concert

As we sat in the back and watched, Chuck & I tried to spot our kids. We found Hayden & Stewart standing in the back row and could see their faces clearly. But it was hard to find Adaline. Finally I saw her- behind a few other kids and we could just barely see her face occasionally if one of the other children leaned the right way for a second or 2. Well, Chuck couldn't spot her, so since we were in the back, he stood up. She obviously saw him, even when we couldn't see her, and suddenly we saw a hand shoot up in the air, arm fully extended with the hand flapping at the top. I pulled him back down into his seat. But a few seconds later he stood again to try to see her and up went the flapping hand again. It was adorable! Well, he finally stopped standing himself, but would wave to her every few seconds, and even though we couldn't see her, she apparently could see us because each time, up would shoot the flapping hand. It was THE. CUTEST. THING. EVER.! I just want to relive those moments over and over. Please, won't someone just make time stand still? I love this golden age of childhood!

All decked out for dance class. We were late that day because she insisted on accessorizing herself, even though it was 70 degrees out!

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  1. Oh my goodness! She is adorable!!! I love catching up on your blog! Love you! :)